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Property Practice Training Course (‘PPTC’)

     A. Preliminaries:

1.  HKIEA is a company limited by guarantee and independent of the Estate Agents Authority (‘EAA’).

2.  While substantially covering the EAA qualifying examination syllabi and pegged at the more demanding estate agents’ level, the PPTC is NOT an examination coaching course. It also caters for other needs, e.g. owners hoping to look after their present or future property interests with minimum assistance.

3.  So far most English-speaking practitioners obtained a EAA licence without attending a training course. Students interested in practising estate agency work as an employee are therefore encouraged to attempt the salespersons qualifying examination (‘SQE’) DIY, if only to get accustomed to the multiple choice mode of examination. Examination preparation material can be downloaded for free from: http://www.eaa.org.hk/en-us/Examination/Preparing-for-qualifying-examinationsStudents without any EAA examination experience are welcome to enroll.

4.  Please read the Information Brochure and Quiz Sampler carefully before registration. Learning is achieved by reading pages and pages of legal references at home after class, and listening to lectures alone may not be sufficient for understanding the legal concepts governing land ownership.


5.  It comprises 2 modules covering substantially the 8 or 6 parts of the EAQE/SQE qualifying examination syllabi http://www.eaa.org.hk/en-us/Examination/Qualifying-examinations-syllabi. Both modules are required for both examinations (i.e. NOT just Module 1 for SQE and Module 2 for EAQE). For the six (of eight) topics common to both examinations, their requirements differ mainly in the depth of knowledge required, not in the scope of coverage. The depth of knowledge required for, say, Topic 3 Laws governing estate agency practice and conveyancing procedures is divided only by a (perhaps subjective) thin line:

  •  EAQE - Level 2 Basic knowledge
  •  SQE - Level 1 Awareness

6.  The two PPTC modules are:

Module 1 - Property Law Fundamentals: on property related laws and practice except First Sale - suitable for anyone interested in the rights and obligations of Hong Kong property ownership, whether as owner, landlord, estate agent, property manager, journalist etc.

Module 2 - Estate Agency Practice: on agency law and Estate Agents Ordinance related matters, broadly covering Parts 2, 6 and 8 of the EAQE syllabus.

C.  Registration Miscellaneous

7.  Registration deadline: 31 July 2023 (Monday). $1,000 administrative fee will apply after the deadline.

8.  Course commencement: 7 August 2023 (Monday)

9.  Course schedule, fees and other details : classes to be held on Monday (except 16 and 25 August) and Thursday evenings between 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm (subject to change):

      Module        Dates
(1) Property Law Fundamentals 
     (10 sessions)

 August: 7, 10, 14, 16 (Wed), 21, 25 (Friday), 28, 31
 September: 4, 7
(2) Estate Agency Practice 
    (6 sessions)

  September: 11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28

10.   Course fee: $12,000.

11.   Venue: Police Officers Club, Hung Hing Road, Causeway Bay Waterfront (near Noon Gun; opposite the World Trade Centre). Directions to be given.

12.   Information brochure (introducing course contents and course instructor)  [please click here]

13.   Keypoints quiz sampler (to enable students to gauge the demand of the course)  [please click here]

14.   Course registration form  [please click here]

15.   If you have questions, please email us at ea.training@gmail.com.